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Dr. Marek Piekos
Dr. Anthony J. Caruso
Board Certified OB/GYN - Reproductive Endocrinologist


Fully Accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) & the Clinical Laboratory Inspection Agency (CLIA)

Long Distance Patients

Due to the number of patients who wish to work with Dr. Piekos, but live outside the local travel area, we have implemented the following options:

New Patients - Select either option A or B

A.  Schedule one in-person consultation appointment with Dr. Piekos and the clinical director at any of the office locations:

Melrose Park, IL
Monday afternoon & evening appointments.

Joliet, IL
Tuesday afternoon & evening, or Wednesday morning, appointments.

Mokena, IL
Thursday afternoon appointments.

B.  Complete the Patient Form.  Mail completed form with required fee and previous medical records.

After a thorough review of the documents,
Dr. Piekos will send and a written assessment/report (including recommendations, suggested tests and treatment options) to you via U.S. Mail.

Patients With Previous Fertility Treatment History - Complete either option A or B (left), then select either option C or D (below).

 C.  On-Site Ovarian Stimulation & IVF Cycle Monitoring

Two to three week stay, involves:
One 2 to 3 week trip to the 
Joliet/ Chicago area.
Entire ovulation and IVF cycle monitored
daily by Reproductive Health Specialists,
Ltd. clinical staff.

D.  Long Distance Ovarian Stimulation & IVF Cycle Monitoring


bullet Ultrasound and blood tests performed and monitored by pre-arranged medical staff in your home locale.

bullet Travel to either the Joliet, or Melrose Park office for a 6-10 day stay when follicles are almost mature.  (You may chose to return home between egg retrieval and the embryo transfer to reduce the time away from home.)

bullet Estradiol levels and ultrasound findings must be faxed to RHS, Ltd. every day they are performed for a review by our clinical staff.  They will respond back to you that same day with further instructions

bullet Prior to starting IVF stimulation, you will need to have a Day 3 FSH and estradiol test.  You may have the blood specimen drawn by a facility in your local area and sent to us for the assay run in our laboratory.

bullet It is possible that you may have to take a test of ovarian reserve that involves blood tests on Day 3 and Day 10, with 100 mg per day of clomiphene taken on Days 5-9.

bullet Plan to travel at least 2 to 3 days before egg retrieval procedure for ultrasound and blood tests.

bullet A sperm specimen will be required from the male partner on the day of the egg retrieval.  This will be used to inseminate the female’s eggs.

bullet Usually, the embryo transfer is performed 3 days after the egg retrieval, however Dr. Piekos may want to do a blastocyst transfer on day 5 instead.

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